Trains and boats and planes… and cable cars?

The travel strategy

Along with several other fellow Parkies I find my symptoms are far worse in the cold, grey, often wet Welsh winter, with its short dark days. So my partner Phil (above) and I decided to try to escape to warmer, sunnier climes for most of January. To cut a long story short we headed for Hawaii on the Tropic of Cancer, nearly half way round the world; a good plan.

Now to deal with the next set of PD related limitations. Long journeys sat in the same cramped place for too many hours don’t do much to aid the movement symptoms and tend to reduce my level of flexibility to that of the trunk of a Giant Redwood The answer chop up the journeys into more manageable chunks. Crossing big chunks of ocean like the Atlantic and the Pacific don’t leave many stop off points along the way and we are certainly not rich enough to travel by sea so two 5/6 hour legs in each direction were unavoidable. Spacing out those longish hops added to the strategy of helping avoid discomfort.

The journey became:-

  • fly to New York
  • train to West Virginia to visit friends
  • fly to Seatac airport (one of the depature points to Hawaii)
  • stay over 2 nights to recover – visiting Seatle on the light railway
  • fly to Hawaii ( and enjoy the warmth and sunshine for a while)
  • fly to San Francisco for a 5 saty stop over (which is where the cable cars come in)
  • fly to Florida (where we hope for 10 days of warmth and sunshine)
  • fly home!

Along the way we’ve been on a variety of boats to take us from one place to another within our destinations.

So far the travelling part has gone well and allowed me to enjoy the holidaying part and not be dreading the next leg. The strategy has worked but it has its costs financially, we won’t be able to do this every winter 😦 .

We need a new approach for next year. Any ideas??? Answers on a postcard from somewhere sunny, and by the way robbing a bank isn’t in my skill set.

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