Rule No 1 – broken!

There are not many photos of me on the Florida part of our trip. That’s because I broke rule no 1 and thankfully that’s all I broke. Rule no 1 is DON’T FALL.

I didn’t so much fall as make a brief and unsuccessful attempt to fly, crashing to earth via knee, wrist, shoulder and finally the side of my face! It was a tourism based fall, we had been trying to find our way from the beach to the road without trespassing on expensive waterside properties. I spotted the route, turned to tell Phil and set off, not noticing the inconspicuously bright yellow kerb at my feet!

As I lay in the car park absorbing the Florida sun I tentatively checked my teeth, gently wiggled different parts of me and was relieved that everything still seemed to work. Next I checked my recall of pin numbers, addresses, names etc and again all seemed well. I escaped with grazing and bruising and a “shiner” that any boxer would have been proud of. A kind lady came over to see if she could help and supplied antiseptic wipes and Nurse Jo, our Air B’n’B host applied some first aid antibiotic. This is why there was an absence of photos. There was a slightly anxious 24 hours or so while we awaited possible head injury symptoms and then I was on the mend.

I bounced and I was so lucky. Any injury can really set you back, not able to exercise, loss of confidence etc etc. I also reflected that it wasn’t a Parkinson’s type of fall, not a balance or gait type of fall so I am not frightened of doing it again. I will however, try to respect large yellow lumps of concrete, and obey rule no 1.

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