About PEP talk

5 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  At the time I started to write about my experiences and feelings, I considered a Blog but felt, at the time, that there were so many others with years of experience of living with Parkinson’s, that I had little to contribute.  Now 5 years down the line and with 4 substantial projects to report on I have something to say,  so I am launching PEP talk.

PEP stands for lots of things:-

  • Personal Experience of Parkinson’s – there will certainly be some of that.  Sometimes the smallest things make a lot of difference.  It’s important to share, though I won’t be recommending anything just reporting.
  • Parkinson’s Education Project – I pick up lots of information, from many different sources, and will pass on useful nuggets
  • Patient Education Posts – I’ll pass on the experiences of other patients
  • Patient Eirwen’s Perspectives – Musings on some of the wider issues around living with a life changing diagnosis

I could probably find other PEPs, but that will do for now.

What what I hope PEP talk won’t be, is “preachy”!